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v0.0.2 (2020)

API changes

  • The arguments of compression_heatpumps_and_chillers.calc_cops() changed: consider_icing was removed. To consider icing in the calculation factor_icing (default value: None) has to be set not None.
  • concentrating solar power and solar thermal collector: The input for irradiance is now a time indexed series instead of a series and separate information about the date.

New features

  • We introduced new facade classes that simplify instantiating components. These facades are now ready to be used: SolarThermalCollector, ParabolicTroughCollector and StratifiedThermalStorage. There is in each case an example which shows how the facade is used.
  • Concentrating solar power: losses can be calculated with two methods.
  • The function compression_heatpumps_and_chillers.calc_cops() raises Errors in case of wrong argument type or size.
  • We have added a function that implements methods for emission allocation. It is part of a new module cogeneration.py.


  • The documentation has been revised.
  • The schematic pictures of the components have been improved.
  • Documentation has been extended, in particular for the new facade classes.
  • Badges showing build status, docs build status, test coverage and zenodo DOI have been added to the README.rst.

Bug fixes

  • The path to the readin data in csp_collector_plot_example.py has been corrected. The files could not be found because it was given in uppercase letters.
  • Wrong path in api/oemof-thermal.rst automodule has been fixed.
  • The default values for the density and capacity have been corrected in stratified_thermal_storage.py. As a simplification the values are calculated with CoolProp for a constant temperature of 80 °C.
  • Figures and images of svg format did not render in pdfLaTeX (Issue #46). As a solution to the problem png files have been added and included in the docs.
  • The title of the documentation was ‘oemof heat documentation’ and not ‘oemof.thermal documentation’. Target name and title of documents, that are output within conf.py, have been changed for LaTeX, manual page, Texinfo and Epub.


  • The repository now has function tests, see oemof-thermal/tests/test_functions.py
  • The new facade classes are tested with constraint tests, see oemof-thermal/tests/test_constraints.py

Other changes

  • Warnings in the docs and the examples of the stratified thermal storage have been added if the minimum required oemof version for oemof.thermal is not v3.3 while using the attributes fixed_losses_relative and fixed_losses_absolute.
  • The separation in the csv files of the concentrating solar power has been changed from “;” to “,”.


  • Caroline Möller
  • Franziska Pleißner
  • Jakob Wolf
  • Jann Launer
  • Marie-Claire Gering

v0.0.1 (December 17, 2019)

First release by the oemof developing group.